Madhava Vilasom Higher Secondary School, Thundathil

Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695581


A school PTA, Parent Teacher Association, is a school-based organization which enhances the mission to make the school a better place for children to learn. It improves healthy communication between schools and homes, help with fundraising, and plays an active role in making the school a safe, orderly environment for learning.
A Parent Teacher Association is the part and parcel of an institution. Many of the parents volunteer to join in with PTA activities at their ward's school working hand to hand with academic and co-curricular activities of the school, giving their time and energy to fundraising and working in partnership with the school.
Our school has feathered with an efficient PTA body. Their suggestions and support to improve the academic ambiance of our school are beyond words. Our PTA consists of 28 executive members including teachers and parents. They always involve in all the social and academic activities for the institution's well-being. Our PTA also serves as a helping hand to the poor and needy students by providing them with TV, mobiles and other study materials for their educational purposes at this pandemic situation.
Most of our PTA members are the alumni of this school which had helped them to handle diverse situations quite comfortably. It is a true fact that our PTA is very efficient and inevitable for the overall development of the school. We cannot forget the selfless service rendered by our honourable PTA members

PTA Executive Members


PTA President
Phone: 9746884560


Vice President
Phone: 9495942316

Ajayan B

Phone: 9961000032


Phone: 9961000032


Phone: 8907850706

R. Shaji

Phone: 9995319322

Santhosh Kumar M

Phone: 9895261056

Smitha M

Phone: 8281636791


Phone: 9188761981


Phone: 9895016869

Sunitha Beegam

Phone: 9846347717


Phone: 9961861094

Vinu L

Phone: 9446529757

Teacher Members


Phone: 9605659310

Asha Rajan

Phone: 8547383559

Bindhu C S

Phone: 9446186635

Geetha P

Phone: 9496256589

Latha V I

Phone: 9400713731

Girija P

Phone: 9497782710

Jyothi A.S

Phone: 9495825985

Krishna Kumar K

Phone: 9400358369


Phone: 9497005142

Priya M S

Phone: 9495409087

Radhakrishnan N S

Phone: 9497045562

Rajeev P L

Phone: 9447460989

Sruthi J S

Phone: 9946054428

Sunil Kumar P S

Phone: 9400795540

Unnikrishnan Nair. G

Phone: 918113000445