Madhava Vilasom Higher Secondary School, Thundathil

Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695581


Sri. Varthur Madhavan Pillai
Till about seven decades back, Thundathil and its surrounding areas were considered educationally and economically backward. The situation was such that aspirants of learning had to toil, walking miles together, for hours, to reach their nearest school. Lack of proper educational institutions deprived the children of the opportunity of learning. The absence of adequate transportation added to their woes, without any solution by the state authorities, for a long time.
Under such circumstances, Sri Varthur A. Madhavan Pillai, a noble-hearted philanthropist, stepped in with his vision to facilitate the educational lameness of the area, lighting the area's lamp of education. Through his act of benevolence, he offered land for the present LP School located at Chenkottukonam and constructed the building and transferred its ownership to the State Government for its further development in the future.
With a view to enabling the students' continuity of education after their passing out of the LP school, he opened the Madhava Vilasom High School (MVHS) at Thundathil on 5th June 1950, leaving no cause of concern for anyone aspiring for formal education up to 10th standard. The people of Thundathil owe a deep debt of gratitude to Sri Varthur Madhavan Pillai, for his magnanimity and foresight to the cause of education, in this area.
On 5th June 1950, the school had a modest beginning with 83 students enrolled in the divisions, under the stewardship of two appointed teachers viz., Sri. M. Appukuttan Nair and Sri. Bhaskaran Nair. For almost three months during the absence of Sri M Appukuttan Nair (for completion of his academics), Sri. Keshava Pillai, followed by Sri. Parameswaran Pillai officially dealt with the affairs of the school, uninterruptedly. After that, on 2nd December 1952, Sri. M. Shahul Hameed became the first Headmaster of the school.
M. Appukkuttan Nair
Faced with the challenge of finding a capable and experienced successor to be in full charge of the school, the Founder Manager appointed the renowned educationist Sri Chirayinkeezhu Gopala Pillai, who successfully transformed the school into one among the most popular and acclaimed educational institutions in the Thiruvananthapuram District. The tenure of Sri. P. Gopala Pillai is remembered for his selfless and inspiring service. The school, during this period, was rated as a noble educational institution in the real sense of the term.
After the tenure of Sri. Gopala Pillai, Sri. M. Appukuttan Nair took over the charge of Head Master of MVHS, Thundathil. His lengthy term as Head Master could, by all means, be considered a milestone in the history of this school. With more than 2800 students enrolling under 56 divisions, in the dedicated tutelage of more than 80 teaching staff and about 11 non-teaching staff, this temple of learning recorded commendable pass- percentage levels and distinctions, like never before. After the demise of the Founder Manager Varthur Madhavan Pillai in 1974, his son Sri. M. Appukuttan Nair became the Manager of MVHS, Thundathil. Rich and glowing tributes are being paid to Sri. Appukuttan Nair, for his outstanding leadership and his efficiency in academic administration is remembered till date.
Subsequent to the superannuation of Sri. M. Appukuttan Nair in 1981, another experienced educationist Sri. K. Gopinathan Nair headed the School for four years. Thereafter, Sri. S. Sukumaran Nair served as the Head Master of the school for three years, living up to the expectations of both the local populace and the parents. Sri. S. Sukumaran Nair, being a spirited enthusiast in arts and culture, took keen interest in its promotion resulting in the school\'s overall development. True to say, the saga continues even as on date. The list of all HMs and their duration of the School are provided in the School site. At present, Smt. Geetha, P. is handling the administrative responsibility as HM of the School since 2017.
After the demise of Sri. M Appukuttan Nair, in 1982, the youngest son of the Founder Manager, Sri. M. Gopalakrishnan Nair, became the Manager of the school. Consequent to the up-gradation of a few schools from UP to HS, and with the opening of a few English Medium Schools in the nearby areas, there was a drastic reduction in the strength of MVHS. During this declining phase of the glory of the school, the then Manager, Sri. Gopalakrishnan Nair was expired in 1991. Sri. K. Rajagopalan Nair, the Founder Manager\'s grandson, managed the school for a short duration of 4 years.
M. Gopalakrishnan Nair
It was under such a vexing situation, Dr. K. Mohankumar took over the charge as the Manager & Individual Educational Agency of the School in 1995, being the highest academically qualified grandson of Varthur A. Madhavan Pillai, by virtue of the will executed by the Founder Manager. Dr. Mohankumar successfully turned the tide through sheer dint of foresight and unflinching commitment, thus regaining its former fame and glory. This resulted in the school's up-gradation into a higher secondary school in 1998, since then the school became Madhava Vilasom Higher Secondary (MVHSS), Thundathil. Currently, the Higher Secondary wing of the School has three batches of Science, two batches of Commerce, and two batches of Humanities Group, with an in-take of about 400 students every year.
Sri Gopalakrishnan Nair assumed charge as the first Principal and HM of MVHSS Thundathil. His constant enthusiasm and leadership helped to create a 98% result, which also included a State-level First Rank in the ST category. It is considered the school's most glittering performance achieved through the collective efforts of all concerned. After that, Sri. V. A. Thomas and Sri. C. Sasidharan Nair took charge as the Principal and HM respectively their by helping the school sail smoothly towards success. The role of Sri. C. Sasidharan Nair, in the amelioration and transformation of the school, is worth remembering. In 2004, Smt. S. Uma Devi took charge as the independent Principal of the Higher Secondary wing and carried the elation momentum till her superannuation in 2019. She was an efficient and competent administrator and an excellent teacher. She motivated the students and colleagues to strive for their excellence. Thereafter, Sri. Rajeev, P.L. is steering the administrative and academic excellence of MVHSS.
K.Rajagopalan Nair
The School celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2000. Eminent personalities, including Ministers of Central and State Governments, High Court Judge, Jagadguru Sathyananda Saraswathi, were attended the function. As part of the 50 th year tribute, a 3-storeyed Golden Jubilee Block was constructed for the Higher secondary section. Existing classrooms were modernized with overhead projector facilities and the internet. The computer and Library building was constructed. Necessary infrastructure facilities, such as playgrounds, Auditorium, Store, etc. were also provided. In 2010, the Diamond Jubilee was also celebrated. The year 2020 is the seventieth year of MVHSS, remembered by the construction of a 2-storeyed Building with six modern Classrooms for the Upper Primary wing, named Sapthathi Mandiram, a tribute to the 70 th year of MVHSS.
The Founder Manager of MVHSS, Varthur A Madhavan Pillai deceased on 11th July 1974. To commemorate his great contribution to the educational uplift of the society, the school observes July 11 every year as the Founder Manager’s day. Deliberations on the activities and accomplishments of the School are conducted on this day.
MVHSS Thundathil owns a large number of renowned, dynamic and enthusiastic former student community. On this momentous occasion, we proudly and gratefully acknowledge the services and support extended by all the well-wishers of the local populace, both the teaching and non-teaching staff, the alumnae and the ever-active People's Representatives. They all stand by the management for the progress and achievement of MVHSS Thundathil at all stages of its progression, up till now. We profoundly express our sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every well-wisher of this school.